10-guage-photo-banner.jpgWe at Backridge are big fans of the 10 Gauge.  At this time we are working three different types of loads for the 10 gauge. We have been working towards a long range non-toxic loads utilizing multiple different non-toxic pellets.  We hope to have more loads widely available for late 2021 waterfowl season.  

In addition to our Turkey shells, we are working off of our successful 12 Gauge Waterfowl and Magnum Waterfowl loadings to develop two 10 Gauge waterfowl loads.  First, a nice relaxed load that will pattern well and let everyone get their old favorite 10 gauge out of the closet. Besides being loaded somewhat “down” compared to other available 10 Gauge loadings we are working on a denser than the now defunct ITX 13 offering that will bring the "Goose Hater" load into its third and probably final iteration.

Finally, in our 10 Gauge offerings we are working on some lead shot loadings.  We have not settled on a particular load but these will be rather light as far as the 10 gauge goes but they will let you get the 10 gauge out of the closet and go shoot it.  These loads will be considered small game loads with fairly light payloads of shot at moderate velocities. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of our 10 gauge offerings, would like to make a particular request, please email us at sales@backridgeammunition.com.  We do read our emails and value our customers feedback.


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