US Army (Retired)
Joined 1983 Retired 2004 SSG
Initially enlisted as an Aerial Observer eventually re-classing to Aircraft Armament.

Rob deployed 8 times including Operations Just Cause, Desert Shield Desert Storm, OIF, multiple drug interdictions in Central and South America and spent some quality time in Kosovo as part of the US contingent.

Since retirement Rob spent several years as a contracted Armament Tech working at the DS level.  Rob then worked in firearm retail sales for a couple of years before coming to Backridge.

Currently, Rob, a Pisces is in a happily committed relationship who likes small batch bourbon.  Rob also enjoys cooking gourmet meals and smoking top quality cuts of meat. Rob has been with Backridge for nearly two years and is a veteran of the great building move of 2018.  Rob is the man behind the magic with most 12 gauge turkey shells and has loaded all of the 20 gauge shells we have sent out in recent memory. Rob is simply known to his public as “Inspector 19”.



Bailey is a duck and pheasant loving three year old British Labrador.  He has been a part of Adam’s family for two years this summer. Bailey has become not only an integral part of Adam’s family but he has become a steady hunting companion and crowd favorite at several shoots he frequents.  Bailey is equally at home retrieving tower pheasants or timber hole ducks. Bailey is a regular fixture at the shop and helps to field test loads whenever possible.



Rodney is the newest addition to the Backridge K9 pro-staff team.  Rodney comes to us from the Tibea kennels. He is a very young and eager English Spaniel.  He is by far the prettiest of the Backridge pro-staff (two or four legged). Rodney joined the Backridge team last year and while he saw very little action, he has been training hard in the off season and will be working many quail and pheasant fields this coming year as well as picking up alongside Bailey.



Adam commissioned into the Army in 2003 as an Ordnance Officer.  He has had varying assignments ranging from Direct Support heavy maintenance to supporting Special Operations missions.  Adam has been fortunate in his career to have had a very non-standard career path that has given him more experience than the young 2nd LT Ziegler could have ever wished for.  Five deployments and multiple trips to exotic vacation spots later it is ending. Adam will be retiring in the near future as a 90A Multifunctional Logistician. It has been fun…. He will miss it.

He is happily married to a woman equally as tall as he is (hard to find) and is the proud father of one tall and stubborn daughter.  Adam started Backridge in a moment of inspiration or mental weakness depending upon who is in the polling audience. Adam enjoys old books and fine shotguns; he is a hopeless romantic at heart and was indeed one of those poor fools born 100 or so years too late.  This probably explains his penchant for the 10 and 16 gauge shotguns that fill his collection.